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About Us

Combining data, analytics and product expertise to deliver creative professional liability solutions for specialty MGAs.

Who We Are

The name A PLUS Program Managers may be new, but our reputation precedes us. This new entity brings together the firepower of two industry veterans, Amwins Specialty Casualty Solutions and ISMIE, to serve up innovative new products that give hard-working MGAs expanded access to hard-to-come-by capacity.


With more than 45 years of experience, ISMIE is an innovative leader in healthcare practice insurance, with a commitment to continually adapt to the demands of a changing and challenging marketplace. More recently, ISMIE has launched new affinity programs by expanding its offering of professional liability product lines. Following a very deliberate process of several years, ISMIE has expanded its business to develop programs for Non-Medical Professional Liability (PL) customer groups. Carefully moving into the PL segment is a natural complement to ISMIE’s existing skills, systems and processes.


Amwins Specialty Casualty Solutions (ASCS) is a well-established, full-service program manager in the specialty workers’ compensation, excess liability and professional liability sectors, successfully managing more than $1.2 billion in annual premium. ASCS differentiates itself through its extensive risk-management and actuarial services, and its ability to monitor and develop vital analytics to evaluate and constantly improve program results.

How We're Different

Today’s tenuous professional liability environment is making it hard for MGAs to secure capacity for their clients. At A PLUS Program Managers, we believe that challenging times call for creative solutions. That’s why we’ve devised a unique concept strictly available to MGAs that provides them PL program capacity for virtually all professions.

We start by seeking out MGAs who have:

Deep expertise in their niche, and who know their program inside and out

A homogeneous program business

Critical mass of at least $5 million in premium

Sufficient data to demonstrate the “go forward” results project underwriting profitability

We then work with each MGA to support its success through opportunistic geographic expansion and product development.

We take on the insurer tasks at no additional cost.

As a full-service program manager, we create an MGA-centric experience that largely eliminates the unpredictability of loss ratios, assures the most accomplished claims handling, and serves up real-time data to inform business decisions.

We provide access to “A-"rated paper and quality reinsurance, ensuring your clients are well protected.