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Program Benefits

Combining the insight and expertise of ASCS – including effective risk management and data/analytics utilization – with ISMIE’s stringent approach to risk, provides first-class PL-program coverage and support.

Program Development

Exclusivity protection – no distribution channel conflict

Unique PL solutions that help MGAs secure capacity for their clients – even in these challenging times

Meaningful delegated underwriting authority

Customized product and services to fit each MGA's needs

Mutual agreement on projected loss ratios based on the credibility of the program’s data and the MGA’s underwriting actions

Accepted use of the MGA’s policy administration system


A+ Program Managers is responsive to the needs and challenges of each Program, and also aggressive in fighting defendable claims along with utilizing beneficial risk management techniques. We provide expertise and finesse to find sensible solutions to new claims trends, coverage challenges, and even difficult clients.


We are committed to incorporating data and analytics that not only strengthens outcomes, but also gives MGAs access to information and understanding related to market conditions, changes and challenges.

Partnership Benefits

ASCS expanded its business to develop Programs for Professional Liability (PL) customer groups. Each PL Program is reviewed with ISMIE and then uniquely customized, vigorously developed and comprehensively managed by ASCS. This partnership approach allows us to discover, understand, and react to the dynamic and constant changes in legal, economic, regulatory, and societal conditions, allowing for agile customization with risk selection, pricing, coverage, and services as prudent to the mutual benefit of the MGA, Insurer and Reinsurers.

  • Genuinely act as your partner to maximize every business venture

  • Work together to address challenges as they emerge, not pass blame

  • Offer a completely refreshing alternative to the typically hindering global, faceless, unworkable, command and control carrier experiences

  • Empowerment to run your business and have fun along the way